Intensive training @ Maejo University

Topic: Genstat and ASreml workshop

Date: September, 19, 2016 Time: 8.30 am. – 4 pm.

Place:  Information Technology Center, Maejo University

Contact person: Dr. Nissara Kitcharoen

Audience from

  1. Faculty of Fisheries Technology and Aquatic Resources
  2. Faculty of Animal Science and Technology
  3. Faculty of Science

Course Content:

  • Basic Statistics with Genstat® and ASreml®

− Summary statistics and graphics

− One and Two-sample inferences

− One-way ANOVA

− Goodness of fit test

− Regression

  • Advanced statistical designs and analysis with Genstat® and ASreml®

− Block experiment w/wo missing data

− Incomplete block experiment and a-design

− Mixed Model and BLUP

− BLUP with pedigree

− Multivariate BLUP w/wo pedigree

− Animal Model and EBV

  • All topics will be introduced using Case studies

Course Structure:

  • One-day workshop

− First half day: Introduction and Demo using GenStat and R (including ASReml-R)

− Second half day: Computer practice