Intensive course @ Chiang Mai University

Topic: Genstat workshop

Date: January 17, 2017            Time: 8.30 am. – 4 pm.

Place: Department of Biology, faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University

Course Content:

1. Introduction, exploratory data analysis (EDA),

  • Navigating the Genstat system
  • Importing the manipulating data and Visualising data

2. Basic concepts of statistical inference

  • T test (independent, paired)
  • Chi square Test
  • Pearson correlation or Spearman correlation

3. Regression

  • Linear regression


  • One and two Way ANOVA

5. REML and multilevel models

  • Linear mixed models

6. Multivariate analysis

  • Principal components analysis

7. QTL analysis

  • Single traits and trials QTL mapping analysis

Course Structure:

  • One-day workshop: Introduction and Demo and Computer practice