Intensive course @ Walailak University

Topic: Genstat workshop

Date: January 25, 2017                                Time: 8.30 am. – 4 pm.

Place: Center of Computer Services, Walailak University

Contact person: Dr. Chairote Yaiprasert

Audience from:

1. School of Agricultural Technology
2. School of Science
3. School of Medicine
4. School of Allied Health Sciences and Public Health

Course Content:

1. Basic Data Analysis and Statistical Tests

• Data visualization and descriptive statistics
• Commonly used Summary Statistics
• Assumption test (normality, homogeneity)

2. Analysis of Variance

• T-test (one-and two-sample)
• ANOVA (one-and two-way)

3. Chi-square test
4. Regression

• Simple linear regression
• Multiple linear regression

5. REML and multi-level models

• Linear mixed models

6. Multivariate analysis

• Principal components analysis

Course Structure:

  • One-day workshop: Introduction and Demo and Computer practice