Genstat Standard Courses

Duration: 2 days. (3+3 hours per day)

Certification Exam (Option): 1 hour

Training methods: Formal lectures, GenStat based practical sessions and group discussions

Standard courses contents:

  1. Introduction, exploratory data analysis (EDA),
  • Navigating the Genstat system
  • Importing the manipulating data
  • Visualising data
  1. Basic concepts of statistical inference
  • T test (independend, paired)
  • Chi square Test
  • Pearson correlation or Spearman correlation
  • Non-parametric test
  1. Regression
  • Linear regression
  • Nonlinear models
  • Generalized linear models
  1. ANOVA and experiment design
  • One and two Way ANOVA
  • Blocking and Treatment Structure in experiment design
  • Design and sample size
  • Unbalanced ANOVA
  1. REML and multi-level models
  • Linear mixed models
  • Meta analysis
  • Spatial analysis
  • Repeated measurements
  1. Multivariate analysis
  • Principal components analysis
  • Canonical variates analysis
  • Cluster analysis
  1. QTL analysis
  • Single traits and trials QTL mapping analysis
  • Multiple trials and traits QTL mapping analysis

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